I’ve had so many starts and stops in my dieting behaviour I feel I haven’t begun to live because I always thought I’d start enjoying life once I lost the excess weight.

Now, at 26, my body, my mind and my soul are weary by the cycle of high expectations and failures. You see, I’ve counted calories, I’ve used motivational pictures, I’ve used ridiculous threats (yep, that’s right), I’ve done whole presentations, I’ve even told myself I give up to use reverse psychology on myself and still, I haven’t lost the excess fat.

Usually, health and fitness sites go about showing the before and after pictures and they don’t show the ups and downs, the struggles and the binges people who are on the road to skinny-ville go through.

This site is an ode to this road, the skinny darling road. I want to celebrate the pain, to show that everyone screws up on the path to health-ville and finally, I hope to convince myself and those who come to this site that we are not perfect, we will never be perfect, so we can stop torturing ourselves on a daily basis and just enjoy our life because it can be amazing if we allow ourselves to enjoy it.

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